Camaraderie. Exercise. Beautiful scenery.

Welcome to the trifecta that forms the Rondout Rowing Club.

For the past 15 years a group of people of all ages and fitness levels has been meeting in Kingston’s waterfront to enjoy the sport of rowing. The supportive environment of the club has been instrumental to its success, as each year newcomers from throughout the Hudson Valley are welcomed through our Learn to Rowprogram and veteran rowers return to enjoy not just the sport but also to renew the friendships that they’ve formed with others while on the water.

The non-profit Rondout Rowing Club’s mission is to make the sport of rowing a viable and accessible option for all. To that end we support the Kingston High School Crew Team. We share boats with the students, help them with fundraising efforts and cheer them on, especially during their home meets.

There are about 40 members, on average, in the Rondout Rowing Club. Some people row every day and compete in regional regattas. Others join us just on weekends and some people just drop in when they can. The freedom to be as active a member as you want is a unique, and inviting option in the Rondout Rowing Club. But we do caution people – rowing is an addictive sport.

If you are ready to:

Enjoy seeing eagles soar overhead.

Power through water in synchronicity with fellow rowers

Tone your body in ways the gym can never provide

Witness herons catching fish a few feet from you

Be silenced by the beauty of watching the sun rise on the Hudson

Then it’s time to join the Rondout Rowing Club.


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